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Forex Card

A Forex Card, also known as an International Travel Card, is a pre-loaded foreign currency card that offers you more convenience and security than any other forex product. If you are looking for a hassle-free trip abroad, Forex Cards are the way to go.

TASA ASIA Forex Card services currently carries the following most popular foreign currency abroad.

  • tasaasia dollar logoUS Dollar
  • tasaasia dollar logo1Australian Dollar
  • tasaasia dollar logo2New Zealand Dollar
  • tasaasia dollar logo3Thai Baht
  • tasaasia dollar logo4South African Rand
  • tasaasia dollar logo5Japanese Yen
  • tasaasia pound logoBritish Pound
  • tasaasia pound logo1Canadian Dollar
  • tasaasia pound logo2UAE Dirham
  • tasaasia pound logo3Swedish Krone
  • tasaasia pound logo4Hong Kong Dollar
  • tasaasia pound logo5Danish Krone
  • tasaasia euro logoEuro
  • tasaasia euro logo1Swiss Franc
  • tasaasia euro logo2Saudi Riyal
  • tasaasia euro logo3Norwegian Krone
  • tasaasia euro logo4Singapore Dollar

Education Loan

Education is the most important investment one makes in life. Higher studies and specialization in certain fields call for additional financial support from time to time. Whether you are planning school education (nursery to standard XII) of your child, pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree, TASA ASIA Education Loans, can help finance your ambitions and goals.

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