Here’s why Australian students are undertaking internships in India

India is among the sought-after destinations for Australian students taking part in the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan, with close to 1300 students heading to live, study and undertake internships in India next year.

Australia’s acting high commissioner to India Rod Hilton said, as many as 1,261 students from 27 Australian universities will conduct internships, mentorships, practicums and research in India in 2019.

As outlined in the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper, the New Colombo Plan is a practical manifestation of the Australian government’s commitment to learn from its neighbours in the Indo-Pacific.

Students will also gain exposure to Indian workplaces through internships with private sector organisations such as Indian Law Society and Centre for Sports Excellence—a project run by India’s sports personalities Prakash Padukone and Rahul Dravid.

“The students will gain new insights and a strong understanding of India, essential as our two countries build closer economic ties,” added Hilton.

The New Colombo Plan is designed to encourage more Australians to live, study and work in the Indo-Pacific region. In 2019, the New Colombo Plan will support 11,817 students from 40 universities across Australia to take part in 792 mobility projects in 36 Indo-Pacific host locations.

The returning students from the 2019 mobility projects will increase the New Colombo Plan alumni to around 40,000 young Australians with experience of living, studying and undertaking work experience in the Indo-Pacific.

Source: Here’s why Australian students are undertaking internships in India