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TASA Study Abroad is a division of TASMAC Global Education Pvt. Ltd. TASMAC was a Business School established in February 1990 and today it has campuses in two of the most important education cities of India, Pune and Bangalore and over 550 Recruitment Partners in entire SouthAsia.

TASA Study Abroad works with few selected high quality international institutions in US, UK, Canada, Italy and Singapore as their India / South Asia Office. TASA Study Abroad is engaged in providing Education & Career Counseling and Global Education solutions to students, interested in studying aboard and helping them to be global citizens. It has amongst the largest networks of Recruitment Partners in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, and now spreading wings in Far East through Singapore and Middle East through Dubai office.

We help students for their Internship, Immersion, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in Management, Information Technology, Law, Engineering, Creative Arts, Design and other programs at leading global universities.

We provide comprehensive service to help students to study at well-reputed institutes of the world. TASA Study Abroad works with schools, colleges, universities, and professional organizations to prepare students on different courses and programs those are contemporary and relevant in present and future environment.

Apart from these, we offer counseling and consultancy services to various colleges, institutions and universities in India and abroad.




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  • tasaasia service icon Assistance in identifying the right Stream, Program & University for the students.
  • tasaasia service icon Guidance on various Language and Aptitude Exams like IELTS / TOEFL / PTE / GRE / GMAT/ SAT
  • tasaasia service icon Helping in Application Process.
  • tasaasia service icon Obtaining the I- 20 / Admission Letter within the stipulated time.
  • tasaasia service icon Providing Student Education Loan and FOREX.
  • tasaasia service icon Assistance in Visa Interview.
  • tasaasia service icon Mock Interview.
  • tasaasia service icon Pre-Departure Assistance.
  • tasaasia service icon Arranging On-campus Accommodation.