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TASA Vocations Abroad is a TASA Asia venture, it has partnered with reputed vocational education institutions in Canada, Singapore & Australia. These colleges are offering undergraduate Diplomas / Advance Diplomas in Tourism, Hospitality, Business Management, International Business , Nursing & Health Care and Design.

TASA team is guiding students who are exploring international vocational education to fulfill their aspirations to study and work abroad. Vocational and career-based courses are typically more affordable, practical and skills-based than academic degrees, but are often taught at universities, colleges and technical institutes. They are usually designed in collaboration with employers to meet labour market needs.

Trade related vocational courses provide a very good stepping stone to such students to relaise their dream. These courses meet the requirements of students who are looking for specific courses which will match their educational background and career interests. These courses help students upgrade their skills, develop a new set of industry oriented skills which will provide them with a recognized qualification when they enter the global job market.

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